Welcome!  My name is Monique Gauthier.  It may not look like it but the world is birthing something amazingly beautiful.  To many it may seem like decimation and despair but midwives know this is good news.  The birth of the New is on its way.  Over the last few hundred years we have been gestating a culture where we can be more conscious and care for each other. We have had some very nauseating times, but we have made it to transition. Let's get ready to greet this new life!  As an educator, counsellor, public speaker and midwife, I am passionately devoted to assisting in this Birth of the New Paradigm.

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Learn and share in an online group about the awakening process, grow rapidly, integrate what you already know, and become more established in your Essence. 

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Learn and share in an online group about the awakening process while preparing for the birth of your child.

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During this time of transition many are ready to move forward with greater grace and ease. This coaching is wholistic, integrating the mind, body and the spiritual.

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Groups are wanting to find clearer and more compassionate ways to bring to life their highest visions. I empower individuals and groups to stay authentic and bring forward their best offerings. 

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I speak on transformation in education, business, health, healing and more.  I engage and motivate my audience to connect to the possible and take powerful action. 

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Having attended births for over 25 years I am deeply committed to women and families having the most empowering experiences of their lives, from pre-conception through postpartum. 


Bella Zavala

Mother, Director of Educational Sustainable Farm

 "Monique's love and support raised me up in the blackest of times, and during the onset of my transformational journey of healing. She will always be part of the vibrations of my heart"

 Daniel Gerber Ph.D

UMass, School of Public Health

“The presentations that Monique delivered year after year were the absolute favorite of our students. She is innovative, exciting and mind changing. ”

"Monique's phone coaching led me to a truly transformative and amazing birth.  She was non-judgemental and very informative. I felt held by her."  

Angela Regan M.Ed.

School Teacher


Monique Gauthier 

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